Home Improvement

Energy efficient, durable and valuable.

Customized to improve your dream home for the best value.

  • Patio Covers and Car Ports

    Our aluminum patio covers bring value and life to your home. Also adding safety features to your home, they are wind tested to support severe hurricane force winds. They are energy efficient and reduce 76% of heat when insulated. Stay cool every summer!

      Our carports give your auto, or boat protection from sun, rain and storm debris. They can be free-standing or attached to your existing home or garage, are fully customizable, and come with a variety of trim options.

  • Pool Screen Enclsoure

    Our pool screen enclosures make parties more memorable and relaxing. Designed and built to the highest quality providing safety for your family when closed and locked from intruders, flying insects with possible diseases and harmful UV rays. 

      Offering a variety of screen selection, insect or pet screens along with color options of charcoal gray or silver gray. 

  • Screen Room

    Our screen rooms are made for you to enjoy being outdoors with all the indoor amenities. Screen rooms help keep insects out and unwanted debris while still enjoying the outdoor world. Host family gatherings or simply enjoy nature watching from inside your cozy screen room. 

      They are built to last, meeting hurricane ratings, keeping you safe and sound. 

  • Pergolas

    Our pergolas are here to bring life to your outdoor space. They are customized to fit your budget and needs, and can be free-standing or attached to your existing home.

      We offer Aluminum pergolas with wood finishing. This Pergola looks like it's made of magnificent wood. Unlike real wood the finish will never have to be stained or treated. This product provides a long lasting outdoor accent piece that transforms your backyard into the oasis you've always dreamed of. 

  • House Gutter System

    Our gutter systems protect your home from stains left behind by wet leaves and the potential rotting of your facia that could  be very costly to replace. Gutters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices. All gutters are customized to your home with specifications to your liking. We even offer several options of chain links for a beautiful scenic view of a cascading waterfall effect on rainy days. 

  • Clam Shell Awnings

    Our clam shell awnings are custom-designed not only to offer storm protection, but also keep unwanted direct sunlight from entering your home and efficiently help lower cooling cost. They come reinforced with structural ribs and aluminum backing. Available in widths from 3 to 20 feet and over 20 different colors. Clam shell awnings will add a customized touch to your home. 

  • Railings

    Our aluminum railings are a safe and secure but decorative add on for your home improvement project. 

       They can be free-standing or attached to your existing home, are fully customizable, and come with a variety of design options.

  • Gates

    Our aluminum gates can be custom designed to fit your business or home needs. They keep your property safe and private.  

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